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Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 17:36:36 -0400
Reply-To: Web Development with AOLserver
Sender: Web Development with AOLserver
From: Doug McKee
Subject: AOL Web Server Development Group is hiring...

Hi all,

We have a couple openings for software developers in our Web Server
Development group here at AOL headquarters in Northern Virginia, and I
thought where better to look for recruits than the AOLserver user
community! So if you're interested in helping to build the next
generation of AOLserver as well as work on exciting projects in
electronic commerce and web publishing, please send me your resume.
And please forward this on to anyone you think might be a good match
for one of these positions.

In particular, we're looking for software engineers with 5+ years'
experience with C/C++ and Unix. Knowledge of web technology is
obviously critical, and Java and DBMS experience sure wouldn't hurt.
In this job you will have the opportunity to build the next generation
of web technology for America Online, by far the nation's leading
Internet Online Service. We're not looking for lots of buzzwords --
just really smart creative engineers who can build software that's
robust and maintainable.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Doug McKee, Manager, Web Server Development
Email: America Online, Inc.
Voice: (703) 265-5731 12100 Sunrise Valley Dr.
Fax: (703) 453-4005 Reston, VA
Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 17:07:45 -0400
Reply-To: Web Development with AOLserver
Sender: Web Development with AOLserver
From: Doug McKee
Subject: Re: JOBS and AOLserver user on Digital UNIX Alpha - LICENSE
Comments: cc:
In-Reply-To: <> (

Hi Robert,

You brought up a lot of issues; I'll try to address all of them here,
but forgive me if I miss anything!

* Clarification of jobs posting:

We're looking for a person who ideally would relocate to Northern
Virginia to be a core member of the development team. Although the
relocation isn't an absolute requirement, a full-time commitment is,
and that probably means becoming an AOL employee.

* AOLserver support policy

While we did offer support contracts for a while, almost nobody bought
one, and it was too much adminstrative work to keep doing it.
Admittedly, the offer was poorly publicized (as was its withdrawal at
least a few months ago) and I apologize for the latter. Primehost is
a web hosting service that uses AOLserver, and yes, we give AOLserver
support to Primehost members. So yes, if you wanted to, you could get
Primehost account and use it solely for AOLserver support and ignore
the actual web site.

And while we no longer offer support contracts, we DO remain committed
to publically distributing AOLserver and providing new releases (with
bug fixes) periodically. We very much appreciate the feedback we get
from the user community, and hope that the software itself pays for

* DEC Alpha Illustra licenses

Illustra never released 3.2 for Alpha, and neither did they do an
alpha release with the new license manager that allows 10 year
host-independant keys. We (AOL) had no control over this. Honestly,
I wouldn't run Illustra on Alpha anyway as 2.4 is fairly riddled with
bugs. I do recommend buying a license to the SOLID database (for
which there is a driver nearly available) or Sybase (for which you can
get a driver right now). As Illustra will be removed from the web
site at the end of this month (may), we will not be giving out new
DEC Alpha license keys.

Doug McKee, Manager, Web Server Development
Email: America Online, Inc.
Voice: (703) 265-5731 12100 Sunrise Valley Dr.
Fax: (703) 453-4005 Reston, VA

---- Response to:

Subject: JOBS and AOLserver user on Digital UNIX Alpha - LICENSE QUESTION
Date: Sun, 04 May 97 20:22:58 -0400
X-Mts: smtp

Hi, AOLserver User Community and Doug McKee, Manager, Web Server Development

First, the reason that I am posting this e-mail to this LISTSERVER and
dropping a line to Doug is that on Fri, 2 May 1997 21:25:10 .......

While talking to
>>> RCPT To:
<<< 550 ... User unknown
550 ... User unknown

I was unable to send a less public message to the AOLserver group.

Well, anyway, I just read Doug's message and if AOL would consider to
outsource, utilizing a almost C2 secure ISP with very strong Firewall/Tunnel
technology at their disposal, to have UNIX, Digital Alphas and SUN's,
JAVA, C, and C++ experienced developer support from an up and coming
HyperMedia Development Group please call the number(s) below to contact
us or drop an e-mail to

Below is the message and questions that I tried to send on May 2, 1997
that would be of interest to any Digital UNIX users of your fantastic
server product. So the message................


Hi, As with all things, change is inevitable, but as a long time
supporter of your products I would like to ask several questions to
hopefully continue working with your products and services.
I just read on URL:


AOLserver: Support for AOLserver is available
to AOL PrimeHost members. For details, visit the
technical support page. Support contracts for
non-PrimeHost AOLserver users are no longer

So, given the above I would like to understand:-

1) When was the above announced?

I did not see it mentioned in the LISTSERVERS.

2) How can I become a member of PrimeHost and what exactly is PrimeHost?

I have read about hosting with AOL and about creating a page, but
I have my own page(s) and I do not want to host with AOL/PrimeHost.

All I want is to have continued support and use of your great product.

3) Is it possible to join PrimeHost and not host a page to obtain
AOLserver support?

I realize that this is like getting a Support contract for a
non-PrimeHost AOLserver user which are no longer available.

4) Would you support an AOLserver user who joins PrimeHost, but, if you
would not do #3, the user places a dumb page up to host, but the user would
still be paying and be a member of PrimeHost. Which I would think is really
a support contract?

5) Now, if #4 or #3 were possible, why not just set a price for support
that would help your engineers and company continue to allow non-PrimeHost
users access to your great product and "SUPPORT"? {P.S. I am asking the
above because I really like your product, but I will have to switch on
Sun Jul 27 01:00:00 1997 to NETSCAPE, which is not a bad product by any
means, because I am running Digital Alphas and your organization never
kept its word that the next release would have the same license
(2006) as the other platforms out there.

6) Given the above w.r.t. Digital Alphas, will there be an extension
license available to the Digital UNIX Alpha based AOLserver users?

7) If #6 is available, will the license extension at least match the
2006 date?

Please answer as soon as possible for my (license) time is running out!

With only great things to say about your Server, if we have to part
company, I would at least like to part with good feelings during my port
of my pages to a new server by allowing enough time, ie two (2) months
to experience no down time. I do however hope that your organization
reconsiders its decision to drop "outsider" support. {If this was a
higher up decision by management to "squash" small ISP's, users, etc.
to use PrimeHost and not really obtain clients by value, I think that
the decider overlooked the other 4 or 7 very good commercial servers
which support alot of what your server supports.}

I would like very much to continue the use, support, and if Doug wishes,
the development of the AOLserver because I have liked the people who
have supported Web Development via AOLserver
LISTSERVER with the community
that developed. I was not really against your dropping NT support,
but now I see that this was just the start of a management
consolidation and the using of the community to debug your product with
the intention to then drop the community (kinda like the big M company

Anyway, the product is excellent and I hope that I can obtain a license
extension to 2006 at the very least, even if I have to support myself
with the current version till then. Thank you very much for the support,
product, and your time up to now. I have truly enjoyed being part of the
AOLserver user community. Have a great day, hope to here from your
organization about the above issues.

High Regards,
Robert Garron
Access3000, Inc.

Robert Garron, M.E. C.S.E | Email:
President & CEO | Voice: (914) 472-2374
Access3000, Inc. | Fax: (914) 472-2374
12 Anpell Drive | Pager: 1-800-777-4681 PIN:
Scarsdale, NY 10583-6102 |
Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 12:03:54 -0400
Reply-To: Web Development with AOLserver
Sender: Web Development with AOLserver
From: Doug McKee
Subject: Mailing List Administrator Volunteer(s) needed

Hello all,

Do I have any volunteers for helping administer this list? Eric has
been generously donating his time for the past few months, and wants
to pass on the mantle. It only takes a few hours a week, and if we
can have more than one person doing the job, we should get a much
quicker posting approval turn-around. If you're interested, please
send me ( mail!

Hypothetical questions and answers:

> What's involved in being a mailing list admin?

You need to approve messages posted to the list. Some messages you'll
need to respond to (e.g., misdirected unsubscribe requests) and some
you'll probably want to forward to me (although I can't think of any
right now). And some mail (e.g., advertisements) you'll just drop on
the floor and not approve. You'll also need to cull bad email
addresses periodically.

> Why even have an administrator?

Because I can't stand seeing unsubscribe requests and spam go to the
list -- people tend not to read lists that have a lot of garbage.


Doug McKee, Manager, Web Server Development
Email: America Online, Inc.
Voice: (703) 265-5731 12100 Sunrise Valley Dr.
Fax: (703) 453-4005 Reston, VA

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